Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Only quitters quit

So I was doing some reading today, and came across a story about priests who rape children. And I may have a flawed perception of divinity, but in my books if you rape a child you're a bad person. But the Catholic Church doesn't seem to think that, it doesn't report the priest to the authorities, it doesn't even throw them out of their organization, it simply sends them to a different city for a 'fresh' start. Now what I don't get, is if you knew of a child rapist you wouldn't associate with them, and would hope they go to jail, at least that's how I hope you would react, even criminals hate child rapists. I'm going to go out on the limb and call it one of the worst things a person can do.

But when a priest that chooses to be celibate, rapes a child and ruins their childhood, possibly entire life in some cases. Then they get caught, and the church knows, and doesn't turn these criminals over to the prosecution of the law, do people not consider this a horrible act? All I'm saying is for an organization that stands for pure divinity and representing the utmost good, the church has sure been involved in some fucked up shit over the years. (i.e. crusades, heresy, child rape, slaughters, and lying on numerous occasions) Isn't the fact that, the church knows about child rape and doesn't care, go against everything they stand for? Isn't that the ultimate bad press for an organization? How can people still listen to this same corrupt organization for over 1500+ years. It doesn't make any sense to me. If you want to read about the history of the Catholic Church you should check this out: This is why the world exists as it does; they've stolen from us for years past and will continue to steal from us going forward. It's all about money, for such a great entity, god can't seem to figure out the money problem eh (RIP George Carlin).

And to show how systemic, widespread, and overwhelming the corruption is, here's an interesting story about the current pope. The pope led the 'cover up' of child rapings all over the world as Cardinal.

"The Pope played a leading role in a systematic cover-up of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic priests, according to a shocking documentary to be screened by the BBC tonight.

In 2001, while he was a cardinal, he issued a secret Vatican edict to Catholic bishops all over the world, instructing them to put the Church's interests ahead of child safety."

So the Church elected someone who thinks child raping is an acceptable thing to head their organization, and people listen to this guy and contribute money to support his organization? You're harbouring and funding a criminal organization then, isn't that illegal somewhere?. Now I don't know what about religion possesses people to not learn history, or not question the incredibly outlandish logic involved in this, but it seems to be abundant.

So I have no way to encourage the reader of this to help change the situation, other than learn the history yourself, and be educated. There's a scary amount of information we have to learn and time is rapidly running out. There's a depression coming and it's coming quick.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who Knew? Orwell and Huxley Did

The more I learn about the world around me, I start to come to the realization that George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World weren't written as fiction novels they were written as prophecies. Whether you call it economic progression or a conspiracy to regulate everything from travel to economics doesn't deter from the fact that the world that's starting to form around us is eerily similar to the plot of those two 'fiction' novels. If someone suggested in 1990 that in the next twenty years we would see a Union form in Europe, Africa, and North America, they would have been looked upon as being preposterous. However all of those things are a reality in our day and age.

All this Union talk comes on the heels of the proposition of the Mediterranean Union in France this week, which would include all 27 EU countries and 17 new countries, including Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and Syria. Lebanon and Syria have already agreed to pursue diplomatic relations at the summit in Paris this week, the first time such a milestone has been reached since the independence of Lebanon in 1943. The new Mediterranean Union will establish economic and diplomatic ties between the 43 nations, Alongside the new steps between Lebanon and Syria there have been rumblings of a peace deal between Palestine and Israel. I'm interested to see how far these talks go and how soon this Union gets established, but it definitely seems like a step closer to the Unionized end game of globalization.

On July 9th, 2002 the African Union was formed, which claims 53 member states to its name In the 6 years that the Union has been formed it has been used to settle conflicts around the region and to set up AFRICOM, which is the United States Africa Command, The plans are to set up military bases all across Africa. The American presence in Africa was a hot topic when Bush went there earlier this year. At the end of meetings with African leaders Bush hailed the progress they had made, saying that he looks forward to seeing America playing a larger role on the continent in the coming years.

This brings me to the North American Union, which has been widely speculated about by conspiracy theorists. The truth of the matter is the Union doesn't exist yet but it is coming soon. America, Canada and Mexico have signed legislation in 2005 called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. It calls for economic integration by 2010, and calls for a trilateral currency called the Amero. They have already started building the North American Super corridor through Texas and in Alberta, So keep your eyes peeled for news about this in the coming years. In the meantime the Canadian government tries to do their best Republican impressions, they have raised a bill that will change the way Digital Rights Laws in Canada are governed, for all those who download a lot or care about internet sovereignty this comes as a surprise because Canada always used to be a safe haven for internet rights, that's all in jeopardy with this new bill,

All this leads me to draw parallels between the plots of Brave New World and 1984, as they both speak about a tyrannical global state. Orwell even speaks about different Unions who are constantly at war with each other. Now this could be the natural progression of economic events, but you can't disregard the obvious comparisons of the so called fiction and our reality. Also Huxley's was the brother of well known Eugenicist Julian Huxley, which gives us a little insight on how Huxley was able to go so in-depth on the conditioning process in his book. His brother was part of a circle that was dedicated to selective breeding and conditioning, the Eugenicists seem to be a key part of the Elite's circle, so it's safe to say that Huxley had a better idea than any of the tactics that were going to be employed in the future. So as we float helplessly towards the endgame of the global elite, we have one of two choices, either a mass revolution where the people take power or just go along with the increasingly regulated and controlled world that was forecasted by those two brilliant authors. It's our choice, for some reason I think we're going to make the wrong one.

On a side note:

The other day I came across a video of President Bush, that wasn't so much shocking to me as it was reassuring of the ballsy rhetoric I have come to expect from the current administration of the United States. It is a video of Bush getting briefed on Katrina the day before it hits. Michael Brown the then head of FEMA goes into detail about the storm, its gravity, and the steps that should be taken. A silent Bush sits through the presentation and acknowledges everything Brown says. If you can remember Michael Brown was the scapegoat of the Katrina saga and Bush later went on to say that they had no idea of the almost inevitable destruction of the levees and that they didn't know how bad the storm was. Turns out he lied. You can check the video out here

Friday, June 6, 2008

Why is the Rest of the World so Angry at Us?

By 'us' I mean the West, and the answer to the title is because we've fucked around with them, we've started wars, stolen resources, assassinated political leaders, and signed horribly one sided trade deals. The CIA has had a hand in over 15 governmental overthrowings in the past 50 years, and there are more to come. The CIA seems to meddle most in South America but have overthrown governments all across the world to get what they wanted. A lot of the time they've overthrown socialist leaders and put in authoritarian dictators, so much for spreading democracy. I've prepared a list below of political tampering that has been traced back to the CIA.

1950s, 1962 - Sukarno, President of Indonesia
1953 - Mohammed Mossadegh, Prime Minister of Iran
1960 - Brig. Gen. Abdul Karim Kassem, leader of Iraq
1961 - Patrice Lumumba, Prime Minister of the Congo (Zaire)
1963 - Ngo Dinh Diem, President of South Vietnam
1960s-70s - Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, many attempts on his life
1967 - Che Guevara, Cuban leader
1970 - Salvador Allende, President of Chile
1970s, 1981 - General Omar Torrijos, leader of Panama
1972 - General Manuel Noriega, Chief of Panama Intelligence
1982 - Ayatollah Khomeini, leader of Iran
1954- Arbenz Guatamala
1965- Paz Estenssoro- Bolivia
1981- Jaime Roldós Aguilera- Ecuador

As you can see the list is long and isn't limited to one part of the world, in the west we are often told about other countries misfortunes and wrongdoings, but very rarely are we exposed to how we have taken reign as the hegemonic state. We have tampered with foreign countries to get our way, to steal their resources and profit for ourselves. Not only have we stolen but we continue to steal and we continue to tamper, then we ask 'Why are terrorists targeting us?' Well they are targeting us just like our governments have targeted them for years and years, we have oppressed and pillaged and now we pay the consequences.

One of the latest examples of the CIA trying to throw over a government was seen in Venezuela, when in 2002 there was a coup d’état attempted on Hugo Chavez, but the people of Venezuela stormed the streets of Caracas and refused the foreign intervention and Chavez returned to power. It is glaringly apparent that the men running the show don't want the public to know about what we've done in other countries, but it is time the truth is told.

Another Part Of The Puzzle

Okay say a 100 'A' list actors or a 100 of the top athletes in the world held a conference every year, you would expect the press to be all over it. Now when hundred and thirty of the top businessmen and politicians meet every year in relative secrecy and all the major newspapers around the world are hush about it, you know there's a story behind the veil of secrecy. Ever since 1954 the world's elite have been gathering at the Bilderberg meeting, named after the Bilderberg hotel in the Netherlands. It's members consist of central bankers, defense experts, mass media press barons, government ministers, prime ministers, royalty, international financiers and political leaders from Europe and North America. They are meeting through June 5-8 in Chantilly, Va this year.

Donald Rumsfeld, Henry Kissinger, Paul Wolfowitz (Former President of the World Bank), and former Prime Minister of England Tony Blair are all prominent of members. Bill Gates, Bill Clinton, and George H.W Bush have all attended meetings in the past. Now the question that arises is why the complete media blackout? How come with all the power in that room, not one of the major publications around the world dedicates a single piece to these meetings? The answer of course is the major media outlets are all owned by people who attend the meetings, or people who are the friends of people at the meeting. Good luck on even trying to get into the lobby of the Hotel they hold it at; it's heavily guarded by security.

So I'm not ensuing that these guys are meeting behind closed doors to draw up plans of world domination, but all I'm asking for is a little transparency. A little objectivity, and I'm all for people having their privacy, but these are public officials, either elected or appointed. In turn the have a responsibility to cooperate with the press. The group has been linked closely with 'The Council on Foreign Relations' and the 'Trilateral Commission' both operating with the same cloak and dagger philosophy. All the members of these three groups run in very secluded social circles, they take advantage of the forever revolving door of top executive jobs, and are all wealthy beyond our wildest imaginations.

So the questions remain, what is the end goal? What are they after? How far will they go to get what they want? Why is no one talking about this? And where do we go from here?

Lots has been speculated on these organizations, nothing is truly known, due to the low rate of defectors from the Dark Side, it seems the devil pays well. And short of a full blown revolution, these guys are going to continue their secretive ways, and I just don't know whether our society is capable of upheaval of the current social order. I guess we're just going to have to be satisfied with speculation for now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

War is Necessary; War brings peace

So it's been a little bit since I last blogged, I don't really have a reason for not writing, the world got a bit boring for a little there I guess. But the coming months are going to be fairly busy. With a world food crisis, a North American and European credit crunch, an American economy on the verge of a recession, and the spectacle that is going to be the 2008 Summer Olympics. Add onto that pile higher gas prices than we've seen in North America and you have a pretty tumultuous couple of months ahead of us.

The food crisis moves onward as prices rise in some of the poorest countries, the rice supply in Asia is considerably under meeting the needs of the customers causing a spike in price. Global warming is being blamed for some of the crop loss, which is just insult to injury. Couple all this with George Bush's last year as the president and you have a stage for some serious terrorist activities.

The Olympics this summer are going to be a mess from a public relations stand point. The Chinese people don't have the free press, and the internet is monitored. The foreign press has to pretty much agree to these rules too to get into the country, because and pardon my language, the Chinese are fucking serious. So basically the Olympics are going to be plagued with the stigma of Tibet already and on top of that there was a major earthquake in China this week.

Now coming back to rising oil prices, oil is in a free-ascension it seems in global markets, it hit $135 today which means that in 6 weeks gas will be 1.50 at the pump. Oil works on a 6 week future system. These are the highest prices we have ever seen consistently in North America, although gas is still one of the cheapest liquids you can buy. But there has been a 70c rise in the last six months, and that seems fishy. Gas has been this expensive in Europe for decades now and that's why they drive small cars and have compact cities.

The gas situation leads me to think about Iran. There has been much speculation over the Bush administration's plan for Iran, and talks of possible war. Since Iran is the second leading producer in OPEC, the top producer being Saudi Arabia who are very friendly with the United States. It seems like a likely target for the gas hungry Bush administration.

Keeping in the Middle East, Osama Bin Laden has been very vocal as of late, leading me to believe that Al-Qaeda is planning a global attack of some sorts and I think it is going to be carried out in America or Israel, Bush has visited Israel and the Middle East twice in the past 6 months, this coming after never visiting the region previously in his presidency. This is an article on Bin Ladens claims towards Israel and the West

This brings me to how the Bushies plan to stay in power long enough to reap the benefits of this all. On May 9th, 2007 George H.W Bush passed a presidential directive that allows him to stay Commander and Chief in event of a large scale disaster or terrorist attack. This is where I'm going to have to stretch back in history for precedence because I'm about to say something pretty outlandish. Bush will push his presidency into a third term with this measure as there will definitely be a scenario where he will be able to enact this directive. Now back to the history I was talking about, the Bush administration has always reminded me of the Nixon one for some reason, then I did some research and found out why. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld George Bush Sr, George Shultz, Colin Powell, and Casper Weinberger have served time on both administrations. And Nixon tried to extend his presidency by appealing for a third term in office, and the Bushies have proved over and over again that they don't ask or appeal, they take so yet again they're going to take Bush's third term in office.

Anyways seems like the Democratic Nomination is enough to entertain the imaginative minds of the people dedicated to change it just seems to me like the Bushies are very quiet, and the last time they were quite we got September 11th. That's my best prediction as to what's going to happen, either way it's setting up to be an exciting few months on the global front.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The World Bank and Familiar Bedfellows

The World Bank is an organization that was set up after the second World War and was ratified during the Breton Woods conference of 1946. Since then it has evolved into one of the major lending houses all over the world, with an extremely strong presence in underdeveloped countries. Before we go into exactly what the World Bank does lets examine the roots of the organization and the strange relationship it's presidents have had with private enterprise and state in the United States of America. The bank is comprised of the following five divisions:

In the bank's history they have had eleven presidents, each president must be an American citizen and also must be nominated by the American president at the time, further leading me to the belief that it doesn't matter who is in office, since the people with similar track records continue to be nominated.

Eugene Meyer:
- Head of the War Finance Corporation
- Board of Govenors of the Federal Reserve System
John J McCloy:
- Assistant Secretary of War
- Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank
- Chairman of the Ford Foundation
- Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation
- Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations
- Advisor to John F Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon,
Jimmy Carter and Ronald Regan
Eugene R Black
- Chairman of the Federal Reserve
George David Woods
- Vice president at Chase Bank
Robert McNamara
- US Secretary of Defense
- President of Ford Motor Company
Alden W Clausen
- President and CEO of BankAmerica
Barber Conable
- US Congressman
Lewis T Preston
- CEO JP Morgan & Co
James Wolfensohn
- Trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation
- Trustee of the Brookings Institute
- A member of the Bilderberg Group
- Member of the Council on Foreign Relations
Paul Wolfowitz
- US Secretary of Defense
- US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
Robert Zoellick
- Department of the Treasury
- Vice President of the Federal National Mortgage Association
- Member of Project for a New American Century
- US Trade Representative
- Deputy Secretary of State
- Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and
The Bilderberg Group
- On the Advisory board of Enron

A quick look through that list should at least raise the concern that such an important post is chosen to without public vote or for that matter public knowledge. Furthermore we need to look at the close ties these people have to each other and major banking interests around the world.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Brief History of Greedy Men

Okay so as Pat outlined in the post below this, which you should read before you tackle this one, we're in a time of change, a time of wide political unrest, an economic system which is in peril, and on the brink of environmental change. So let's rewind, let's get to the root of the system. Where did it start? Who are these greedy white men? What do they want?

The story starts at the turn of the century; the industrial revolution was well on its way to building the system we see in place today. The first major step was the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in America. In fact it is this form of slavery that gave birth to the American Revolution against the British. The Federal Reserve Act was put in place by a group of bankers, the companies and the men they worked for conspicuously come up throughout history.

1) Nelson W. Aldrich, Republican "whip" in the Senate, Chairman of the National Monetary Commission, business associate of J.P. Morgan, father-in-law to John D. Rockefeller, Jr
2) Abraham Piatt Andrew, Assistant Secretary of the United States Treasury
3) Frank A. Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York
4) Henry P. Davison, senior partner of the J.P. Morgan Company
5) Charles D. Norton, president of J.P. Morgan's First National Bank of New York
6) Benjamin Strong, head of J.P. Morgan's Bankers Trust Company
7) Paul M. Warburg, a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company, a representative of the Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France

So the Federal Reserve Act passed into law in late December when most of Congress was on vacation. This was the start of the paid slavery that is glaringly apparent today. These people control the money, the one thing that profoundly impacts everybody. You have to ask yourself, why is this not in your history textbooks?

This FRA was just the ground work for global control, when it was passed there were still independently acting financial institutions which were a thorn in the side of the international bankers. So what did they do? Flooded the market with currency and loans and called them in, causing the default of banks all over America and providing a perfect buying opportunity for the rich, who all luckily pulled their money out of the stock market before the crash on October 29th, 1929. They proceeded to buy up a plethora of banking interests and corporations that were bankrupt. They have been misleading the public for years and have only accumulated more wealth and more power. So unless you're comfortable with slavery, the deaths of millions abroad in the name of our freedom, and the prospect of perpetual war for your lifetime, we have to take a stand.

How do we take a stand you ask? The only way is to read and be educated, know about the truth, know about the course of destruction we're on, know about the real world you live in, only from knowledge will we break the shackles of slavery. In the coming posts I will be posting about the CIA's involvement in wars across the world, more posts about the interests of these international bankers, and a post or two about the future.

We must look back on the lineage of the corporations and trading houses, why do the same names keep popping up? Something more is out there, and what's left of our freedom rests on the masses figuring out that we're being misled.