Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Who Knew? Orwell and Huxley Did

The more I learn about the world around me, I start to come to the realization that George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World weren't written as fiction novels they were written as prophecies. Whether you call it economic progression or a conspiracy to regulate everything from travel to economics doesn't deter from the fact that the world that's starting to form around us is eerily similar to the plot of those two 'fiction' novels. If someone suggested in 1990 that in the next twenty years we would see a Union form in Europe, Africa, and North America, they would have been looked upon as being preposterous. However all of those things are a reality in our day and age.

All this Union talk comes on the heels of the proposition of the Mediterranean Union in France this week, which would include all 27 EU countries and 17 new countries, including Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey and Syria. Lebanon and Syria have already agreed to pursue diplomatic relations at the summit in Paris this week, the first time such a milestone has been reached since the independence of Lebanon in 1943. The new Mediterranean Union will establish economic and diplomatic ties between the 43 nations, Alongside the new steps between Lebanon and Syria there have been rumblings of a peace deal between Palestine and Israel. I'm interested to see how far these talks go and how soon this Union gets established, but it definitely seems like a step closer to the Unionized end game of globalization.

On July 9th, 2002 the African Union was formed, which claims 53 member states to its name In the 6 years that the Union has been formed it has been used to settle conflicts around the region and to set up AFRICOM, which is the United States Africa Command, The plans are to set up military bases all across Africa. The American presence in Africa was a hot topic when Bush went there earlier this year. At the end of meetings with African leaders Bush hailed the progress they had made, saying that he looks forward to seeing America playing a larger role on the continent in the coming years.

This brings me to the North American Union, which has been widely speculated about by conspiracy theorists. The truth of the matter is the Union doesn't exist yet but it is coming soon. America, Canada and Mexico have signed legislation in 2005 called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America. It calls for economic integration by 2010, and calls for a trilateral currency called the Amero. They have already started building the North American Super corridor through Texas and in Alberta, So keep your eyes peeled for news about this in the coming years. In the meantime the Canadian government tries to do their best Republican impressions, they have raised a bill that will change the way Digital Rights Laws in Canada are governed, for all those who download a lot or care about internet sovereignty this comes as a surprise because Canada always used to be a safe haven for internet rights, that's all in jeopardy with this new bill,

All this leads me to draw parallels between the plots of Brave New World and 1984, as they both speak about a tyrannical global state. Orwell even speaks about different Unions who are constantly at war with each other. Now this could be the natural progression of economic events, but you can't disregard the obvious comparisons of the so called fiction and our reality. Also Huxley's was the brother of well known Eugenicist Julian Huxley, which gives us a little insight on how Huxley was able to go so in-depth on the conditioning process in his book. His brother was part of a circle that was dedicated to selective breeding and conditioning, the Eugenicists seem to be a key part of the Elite's circle, so it's safe to say that Huxley had a better idea than any of the tactics that were going to be employed in the future. So as we float helplessly towards the endgame of the global elite, we have one of two choices, either a mass revolution where the people take power or just go along with the increasingly regulated and controlled world that was forecasted by those two brilliant authors. It's our choice, for some reason I think we're going to make the wrong one.

On a side note:

The other day I came across a video of President Bush, that wasn't so much shocking to me as it was reassuring of the ballsy rhetoric I have come to expect from the current administration of the United States. It is a video of Bush getting briefed on Katrina the day before it hits. Michael Brown the then head of FEMA goes into detail about the storm, its gravity, and the steps that should be taken. A silent Bush sits through the presentation and acknowledges everything Brown says. If you can remember Michael Brown was the scapegoat of the Katrina saga and Bush later went on to say that they had no idea of the almost inevitable destruction of the levees and that they didn't know how bad the storm was. Turns out he lied. You can check the video out here