Thursday, May 22, 2008

War is Necessary; War brings peace

So it's been a little bit since I last blogged, I don't really have a reason for not writing, the world got a bit boring for a little there I guess. But the coming months are going to be fairly busy. With a world food crisis, a North American and European credit crunch, an American economy on the verge of a recession, and the spectacle that is going to be the 2008 Summer Olympics. Add onto that pile higher gas prices than we've seen in North America and you have a pretty tumultuous couple of months ahead of us.

The food crisis moves onward as prices rise in some of the poorest countries, the rice supply in Asia is considerably under meeting the needs of the customers causing a spike in price. Global warming is being blamed for some of the crop loss, which is just insult to injury. Couple all this with George Bush's last year as the president and you have a stage for some serious terrorist activities.

The Olympics this summer are going to be a mess from a public relations stand point. The Chinese people don't have the free press, and the internet is monitored. The foreign press has to pretty much agree to these rules too to get into the country, because and pardon my language, the Chinese are fucking serious. So basically the Olympics are going to be plagued with the stigma of Tibet already and on top of that there was a major earthquake in China this week.

Now coming back to rising oil prices, oil is in a free-ascension it seems in global markets, it hit $135 today which means that in 6 weeks gas will be 1.50 at the pump. Oil works on a 6 week future system. These are the highest prices we have ever seen consistently in North America, although gas is still one of the cheapest liquids you can buy. But there has been a 70c rise in the last six months, and that seems fishy. Gas has been this expensive in Europe for decades now and that's why they drive small cars and have compact cities.

The gas situation leads me to think about Iran. There has been much speculation over the Bush administration's plan for Iran, and talks of possible war. Since Iran is the second leading producer in OPEC, the top producer being Saudi Arabia who are very friendly with the United States. It seems like a likely target for the gas hungry Bush administration.

Keeping in the Middle East, Osama Bin Laden has been very vocal as of late, leading me to believe that Al-Qaeda is planning a global attack of some sorts and I think it is going to be carried out in America or Israel, Bush has visited Israel and the Middle East twice in the past 6 months, this coming after never visiting the region previously in his presidency. This is an article on Bin Ladens claims towards Israel and the West

This brings me to how the Bushies plan to stay in power long enough to reap the benefits of this all. On May 9th, 2007 George H.W Bush passed a presidential directive that allows him to stay Commander and Chief in event of a large scale disaster or terrorist attack. This is where I'm going to have to stretch back in history for precedence because I'm about to say something pretty outlandish. Bush will push his presidency into a third term with this measure as there will definitely be a scenario where he will be able to enact this directive. Now back to the history I was talking about, the Bush administration has always reminded me of the Nixon one for some reason, then I did some research and found out why. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld George Bush Sr, George Shultz, Colin Powell, and Casper Weinberger have served time on both administrations. And Nixon tried to extend his presidency by appealing for a third term in office, and the Bushies have proved over and over again that they don't ask or appeal, they take so yet again they're going to take Bush's third term in office.

Anyways seems like the Democratic Nomination is enough to entertain the imaginative minds of the people dedicated to change it just seems to me like the Bushies are very quiet, and the last time they were quite we got September 11th. That's my best prediction as to what's going to happen, either way it's setting up to be an exciting few months on the global front.

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